What's NEXT?

The next step is to contact us immediately, send an e-mail to our operations manager and introduce your company to us.

We will compile all the necessary information for you within the working day and inform you about the steps that you need to take in order to solve your employment shortage or furtherneed for candidates.

Should you decide to recruit from the Philippines and would prefer face-to-face meetings we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your visit to the Philippines. As an alternative option, we also work with long distant companies online, coordinating a series of online meetingsfitting the time zone of your location.


The Company runs very effective office management and recruitment systems conducive to producing qualified manpower pool. HAPI ensures the best service, assistance and satisfaction no other agency can provide.We conduct our campaign of advertisement in local and national radio, web sites and newspapers. We offer the same amount of unparalleled service, dedication and commitment to both our principals and employment candidates.