Quality Assurance

Adhering to the basic principle based on our Quality Assurance Program, we guarantee that all our candidates are properly screened and required to undergo series of interviews and tests such as IELTS English test, Subject Knowledge test, IQ tests, and psychometric test before finally being selected for the position.

The medical tests of the candidates are performed in high-quality accredited medical centers in Manila certified by the ISO where a comprehensive test is carried out.

Our client, however can request any medical test should it be deemed necessary for the candidates. This will be conducted by the accredited medical center accordingly.

HAPI Services

The Company runs very effective office management and recruitment systems conducive to producing qualified manpower pool. HAPI ensures the best service, assistance and satisfaction no other agency can provide.We conduct our campaign of advertisement in local and national radio, web sites and newspapers. We offer the same amount of unparalleled service, dedication and commitment to both our principals and employment candidates.