Customer satisfaction First
Understanding and satisfying our customer's needs is the cornerstones of our success. It is a necessary to meet the needs of our customers and we set high standards to ensure our clients and applicants are fulfilled.
As professionals,we identify and recognize customer's needs and act accordingly.
Make expertise your specialty As Professionals, we are experts in our trade. Technical competence is essential in recruitment. • Our performance is to the best of our abilities.
• We deliver on all promises made.
• We hold the skills and tools necessary to achieve the job.
• Our staff, client and corporate knowledge is up to date.

Communicate effectively
Hapi corresponds with its clients in many forms of communication whether it be verbal or written. Hapi staff take the time to explain the available options, make recommendations, provide all necessary information, state the total costs, and promise a date when the work can be completed.
In the unlikely chance customer communication goes awry we acknowledge, understand and address any issues that may occur efficiently and quickly. Effective communication is ultimately one of our key values and take responsibility for.
Whether verbal, written, face-to-face or video communication as professionals we communicate clearly, concisely, comprehensively, accurately and rapidly.
Please acknowledgegloball timedifferences. We are an international recruitment agency based in the Philippines.

Follow exceptional guiding principles
Hapi is built on a foundation of high ethical standards that support and respect those we work with.
We have built our strong ties with our staff and clients by holding strong moral values, good manners and proper etiquette.
We settle for not less than high ethical and moral standards. Be honest and fair in all of your dealings with others.
We adhere to our strong values and abide by our companies operating principles and so obey our contracts and the law.
After service follow up

Hapi holds strong commitment and loyalty to our customer service
• We communicate with our clients after service to ensure they are satisficed
• We communicate with our applicants regarding their welfare and happiness.
• We build and maintain relationships for future customer services.

Our level of excellence
We hold a high level of excellence by streaming a quick and efficient process of solving your staffing demand at an affordable cost. HAPI will offer you hassle-free services that you can depend uponthroughout the liaison.

Then you are already visiting the right web site. HAPI can offer you hassle-free services that you can depend upon.


Over the years we have been visited by many principals: Directors of Companies, Recruitment Managers, and General Managers. We welcome our principals to our humble and hospitable country especially to our capital Manila where they can conduct interviews for their candidates or for their clients